Emmanuel Temple Holiness Church

Suffragan Bishop William J. Fitts

William J. Fitts was born September 1, 1934.

He attended Ulma High School in Birmingham.  He worked at the Steel Plant for many years and then started his own business which was very successful.

He was the Young People President in the Southern Tri State Council, a Deacon and then became Assistant Pastor at Faith Apostolic Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

He became Pastor of Emmanuel Temple Holiness Church in Alabaster on January 13, 1980 but taught Bible Class and rendered many services to the people before he became Pastor.

As years went by, he endured the loss of a wife of whom he had been married to for 50 years, his father, two sons, brothers, and a son in law.  He weathered the storms through the sadness and kept smiling, preaching God's word and encouraging people.

Then God through Diocesan Bishop George Austin introduced him to another Holy Ghost Filled Woman and they got to know each other and was married First Lady Mamie Fitts.

First Lady Fitts worked in the school system for many  years, she served as an  usher and armor bearer in the church, she is also an Evangelist.  First Lady Fitts gave birth to one daughter that has four children.  Even though she have one child, God blessed her to be the mother of many children and grandchildren.