Emmanuel Temple Holiness Church

Our Church Ministries and Departments

Sunday School is the Christian Education Department designed to teach and enhance the learning of God's Word.

Missionary Department is to be dedicated to God and use every available opportunity to be active in Kingdom building, visit the sick and shut in and to be a good example in words and deeds in the church and communities.

Deacons are to be the leaders in the church that include organizational and administrative task, deacons are to be blameless.  According to the Word, the office of deacon is an honor and a blessing according to I Timothy 3:13.  Deacons are to be men filled with the Holy Ghost. 

Brotherhood are to form a bond between the brothers in the church and outreach  to compel others to know God, help in the church and maintain a loyal and strong support for the Pastor and church family.

Youth Ministry is one of the key area in the community that includes making the youth aware of the things that could affect them naturally and spiritually.  Meeting should be held to do positive things to hold interest in church related activities.

The Church Choir is an ensemble that sing worship songs during Service and events and to help set the atmosphere in glorifying God.

Ushers are to be the first to welcome visitors and should serve with great hospitality.
The ministry of ushering is a very vital part of worship because it is one of the most visible ministries in the church and should greet people in such a way that they will feel good about their presence in church.